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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tan is right for me?

Although everyone has different skin tones, at Tan MRKT we have carefully selected such a wide range of products and shades that there is one that will will be perfect for you! Our tanning experts will be able to discuss with you what you you are looking to achieve and select a tan that will be best suited to get those results. Our treatment menu will give you more information on each brand and product to help you choose and we also have a tan level guide to give you an indication of the depth of colour each product will give. Look out for our ‘BEST FOR..’ tips to see our recommendations for each tan!

How does spray tanning work?

The main active tanning ingredient used in spray tanning formulas is Dihydroxyacetone (known as DHA) which is natural sugar derived from plant sources such as wheat, sugar cane and raspberry. Across the different brands, the DHA is combined with a variety of blends of unique skin conditioning ingredients to protect and hydrate the skin whilst providing natural looking tan results. DHA reacts with the amino acids (keratin) found in the top layer of the skin (epidermis) which produces different tones of colouring from yellow to brown. Everyone has different levels of amino acids which is why we all tan differently in the natural sun and why every self tanning result is individual to you and your skin tone. The reaction of the tanning formula with the skin means the tan develops quickly but is temporary as the upper layers of the skin are worn away. 

All of our spray tans contain a cosmetic guide colour so you can see where the tan has been applied whilst also giving your skin an instant bronzed glow. The DHA works with your skin over around 4-8 hours (varies depending on brand and colour so be sure to check with your tanning expert!) to develop a lasting, natural bronzed colour which is revealed when the guide colour is washed off. As the tanning process occurs on the top layer of the skin, your spray tan will fade naturally after 5-7 days with your normal skin cycle. Make sure to follow our aftercare & maintenance tips to keep your tan looking glowing for longer!

How long will the results of my spray tan last?

Each brand and product varies slightly, but in general your tan will last between 5-7 days, if you prepare well and follow our aftercare and maintenance guide then it will last even longer! Your daily skincare regime and lifestyle will determine how your tan will fade. Just like a natural tan, a spray tan will fade as your skin sheds dead cells. The more you look after your tan, the longer you can expect it to last and the more even the fade will be. 

Tan Mrkt Treatments

How long will my tanning treatment take?

A full body spray tan usually takes around 10-15 minutes however we would allow longer for your first visit to Tan MRKT as we will take time during your one to one consultation to discuss your skin type and expectations along with any previous experiences of tanning. 

What do I wear for my treatment at Tan MRKT?

We provide a disposable g-string for you to wear during your spray tan, however if you are more comfortable you are more than welcome to wear your own underwear..or none at all if you want to avoid bikini lines. We also have disposable bras if you would prefer to wear one of these for your treatment. You will need to wear or bring loose, dark clothing for after your appointment to avoid rubbing and affecting the results of your spray tan or marking your clothes. 

Can I have a spray tan during pregnancy?

The Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfume Association (CTPA) confirm that spray tanning products are safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding (you may choose to avoid the breast area during the breast feeding stage). As hormone levels are high and skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, tanning products may cause an allergic reaction so we would always recommend a patch test is done at least 24 hours before your spray tan. If you have an concerns or medical conditions we would recommend consulting with your doctor prior to your tanning treatment. 

Do I need a Patch Test done for a spray tan treatment?

If this is your first spray tan treatment, you are under 16, pregnant or have had a previous reaction to any self tanning products we would recommend popping into the salon for a quick patch test at least 24 hours to your treatment. As we have such a wide range of products, we should have a product that is suitable for all skin types!

How should I prepare for my treatment at Tan MRKT?

The day before your tan…

  • Remove any unwanted hair the day before to allow your pores time to close otherwise you will risk your tan having a spotty appearance the smoother your skin, the better your tan!
  • Ensure you have gently exfoliated to remove any remaining tan and flaking or dead skin cells to reveal the ultimate smooth base for the most even, streak free results
  • Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet
  • Moisturise your whole body using an oil free moisturiser

On the day of your tan…

  • DO NOT apply any deodorant, perfume or body lotion as these products act as a barrier on your skin and will stop the spray tan from developing properly
  • Remove all of your makeup before having your spray tan done as again this will cause a barrier on your skin and give uneven results
  • Our custom designed changing area is fully stocked with products including make up remover and oil free moisturisers to apply to dry areas to help avoid the tell tale signs of tanning

Waxing & Shaving before your spray tan…

  • Remove any unwanted hair before you come to Tan MRKT for your spray tan. 
  • If you usually shave we would recommend the day before but at least 8 hours prior to tanning.
  • Waxing is a great treatment to prepare the skin for a spray tan as it is an effective exfoliator. Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair from the root which means it can take around 4-6 weeks to grow back and it effectively exfoliate your skin as it removes the dead skin cells on the top surface of the skin along with the hair! If you are getting a waxing treatment before your spray tan, remember that timing is important..we recommend at least 24 hours beforehand to ensure enough time for your pores to close.
  • Ensure you shower after having waxing treatments to ensure any oil has been removed from your skin.

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How long will it take for my tan to develop?

The development time varies depending on the option of spray tan that you choose. Our therapists will guide you through the best option for you and will ensure you know how long to leave your tan to develop before washing off to reveal your flawless new tan. We have carefully selected a range of tans which will suit all time scales ranging from 30 minutes to overnight (up to 12 hours) so there is sure to be one that is perfect for every occasion.

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