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Receiving coverage worldwide for their innovative spray tan products, Fantasy Tan has been increasing in popularity for their high quality, natural looking results. Focussing on different formulas for different skin types to achieve the desired look, they have a product for everyone!

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Youth   £24   20 mins  

Created for fairer skin tones, ‘Youth’ gives a subtle colour similar to a light sun kissed look developing into a golden, healthy glow. Although developed for fair skin, it is popular for all skin tones with its realistic results!
Suitable for ALL skin types BEST FOR...fair skin tones Development time: 8-12 hours

Fame   £24   20 mins  

Designed as the perfect tan to flaunt on the red carpet, ‘Fame’ is neither ‘too light’ or ‘too over done’ giving the ideal medium for your skin. Think sun soaked, bronzed and beautiful!
Suitable for ALL skin types & skin tones Development time: 8-12 hours

Bliss   £24   20 mins  

Darker please? Forever trying to find a deeper shade of tan..we have found your answer with ‘Bliss’ by Fantasy Tan! Created as a colour for those looking to push the limits of tanning whilst still looking gorgeously natural, ‘Bliss’ keeps developing to reach the perfect shade for up to 48 hours.
Suitable for ALL skin types BEST FOR...skin that tans well Development time: 8-12 hours