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With a coveted list of awards and innovations for natural looking tanning products, St Tropez are globally reknowned and a desired product behind the scenes for countless celebrities and models seeking the ultimate golden finish. With a huge selection of products available, there is a perfect choice for everyone!

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Classic   £24   20 mins  

Drying in minutes once on your skin, this really is the ultimate streak free and quick spray tan. The Classic Mist formula, containing moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, is gentle and hydrating to leave even the driest skin feeling soft and supple. The active ingredients work with the melanin in your own skin to give a warm, natural looking tan on all skin tones. Complete with St Tropez ‘Aromaguard’ fragrance technology to reduce self tan odour and replace with a light, fresh scent!
Suitable for ALL skin types & skin tones Development time: 4-8 hours

Express   £26   20 mins  

This is one for customers on the go! The formula continues to work with your skin, getting continually darker until washed off. The St Tropez Express mist allows you to easily get the perfect shade of tan. Wash off after one hour for a light glow, leave it for 2 hours to build a medium bronzed tan and for the deepest colour possible, wait at least 3 hours before showering. The active ingredients in the Express mist continue to work with your skin over the next day, creating the perfect depth of tan that could be desired.
Suitable for ALL skin types and skin tones BEST FOR...Quick results Development time: 1 hour: light tan, 2 hours: medium tan, 3 hours: dark tan

Purity Vitamin Mist   £28   20 mins  

This lightweight, tropically scented, no rinse mist is filled with vitamins for a radiant glowing tan and instant feel good factor. The transparent mist is made with a unique blend of 95% naturally derived ingredients and mimics the benefits of sun exposure - activating Vitamin D production without the harmful effect of UV rays. Infused with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to brighten, protect and hydrate for a golden glow that lasts for days with even fade. Do not get wet or shower for 8 hrs to allow the colour to fully develop.
Suitable for ALL skin types and skin tones BEST FOR…zero transfer and a natural glow Development time: 4-8 hrs

Extra Dark   £28   20 mins  

Tanaholics, look no further..the St Tropez Dark mist gives the darkest, richest results on most skin tones. Once on your skin the tan dries quickly and begins to work, until fully developed around 4 - 8 hours later when it can be rinsed off! The Dark mist has a pleasant, light scent, with active agents that work with your skins own melanin to create a dark but extremely natural looking tan.
Suitable for ALL skin types BEST FOR...skin that tans well Development time: 4-8 hours